Qualifications for Teaching ESL Abroad

Please see our current ESL vacancies to better understand what qualifications will help you become a Global-ERS candidate. In addition to standard qualifications that include being a native English speaker and holding a university degree and valid passport, we also look for teaching experience and TESOL or TEFL certification and/or a graduate degree in education.

We realize that there is no dearth of advertisement for teachers interested in teaching ESL abroad. One element that sets us apart from these many websites and agencies is the fact that our services are paid for by elite schools in Mexico. No fee is gained by us for advertising to teaching candidates, so we are motivated to place the very best individuals interested in a job teaching ESL in Mexico. And because these schools and other educational organizations pay us to find the very best of the best, we make sure to check, screen, evaluate and verify. Then we conduct interviews to ensure a good fit.

How does this thorough approach benefit the teacher candidate? It provides greater assurance that the school you are seeking a position with is a good place to be. Those schools willing to pay a reputable placement service are also willing and able to provide the support and resources you will require should you take a position.

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Reasons for Teaching ESL in Mexico

If you have experience and notable qualifications, you may be considering a few geographical locations to either begin or continue teaching ESL abroad. So, why not include Mexico in your short list?

You have most likely have already begun finding out more about this country, and you can learn more by visiting websites posted on the “Mexico” page. Or browse our “Photos” page. There you will see what teaching ESL in Mexico looks like when you rely on Global ERS to help you connect with great schools situated in wonderful Mexican communities.

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