Best Resource for ESL Job Opportunities

Once you’ve been placed through Global-Education Resources Solutions, we will do everything in our power to make sure your transition is smooth. We are available to our highly qualified teachers for everything from helping to make travel arrangements to providing the resources needed to understand a new environment. This personalized attention sets us apart. It’s why those who have turned to us when reviewing ESL job opportunities have recommended us to their peers. Perhaps this is why even those teachers who have experience teaching in several countries rate Global-ERS as the best in not only providing excellent ESL job opportunities but also in answering questions promptly, and being available before and after arrival.

Teach ESL Abroad, Rely on Us

Our experience with many native-English-speaking teachers has taught us what is most needed in supporting those who choose to teach ESL abroad. Support that is reliable, prompt and thorough is greatly appreciated. Also, someone who has traveled to teach English overseas is in need of an agency that maintains a committed interest in their welfare and success, some place they can always rely on for help. We’re that agency.

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Teach English Overseas with Confidence

Global-ERS serves as a liaison. First, when reviewing candidates who plan to teach ESL abroad, we select those most qualified and begin the coordination that matches the right learning institution with the right teaching candidates. We see this thorough approach as a service to both the professional and the institution, as the best synergistic match is ideal for all involved.

Then, once an individual has accepted an ESL teaching job with a school represented by Global-ERS we make ourselves available as they move through the process required to teach English overseas. It helps ensure that our teachers have an easy time of making the move while it provides our schools with candidates who feel supported and informed.

Once an ESL vacancy has been filled and the teaching assignment is well underway, we continue to be accessible to both our qualified teachers and the schools that hire us to find them. This is our way of providing the best possible service.

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